Albert Islas is a security specialist with the Security Management Division, Personnel Security Branch. He serves as a lead adjudicator responsible for ensuring a trusted workforce occupies the classrooms and facilities worldwide, by providing timely and efficient decisions to determine an individual's eligibility for initial or continued service within the agency.

Islas is a champion of organizational excellence; he communicates clearly with region/district leadership to ensure that all Child Abuse Report (CAR) files are updated and accurate within the CAR database. Islas is a subject matter expert responsible for CARs and Serious Incident Reports (SIR) in all three regions. Islas has contributed significantly to the agency in reviewing and completing, or closing, its CARs.

Additionally, Islas was designated over his peers as the Security Management Division’s lead action officer to close out SIRs with the DoDEA Operations and Plans Team.

Islas' significant contributions to the PERSEC Branch are a prominent factor in the overall success of the division, branch, and Adjudications Team. His contributions to the agency are invaluable and his school and student-centered excellence is clear in everything he does.

Albert Islas
First Quarter 2022
DoDEA System Wide Security Specialist
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