As a program analyst with the Europe Region Office, David Kretz's expertise spans a broad spectrum of disciplines, including logistics, manpower, and education policy. Throughout the first quarter, his impact on DoDEA Europe's mission was both significant and invaluable.

Kretz played a pivotal role in advocating for the creation of a new school district in Europe. By furnishing crucial data to the Europe director for student excellence, he facilitated senior leadership's approval of this strategic initiative. The establishment of a fourth district will undoubtedly enhance resource alignment and bolster support for Europe schools.

Kretz demonstrated top-notch analytical skills in coordinating efforts with various region and district offices. As a key member of the Headquarters-led collaborative team formed in January 2024, he actively contributed to implementing actions for the new East District, thereby ensuring a seamless start to the upcoming school year.

Kretz's expertise in enrollment eligibility policy significantly influenced complex decisions. He meticulously researched historical NATO documents and informed the Headquarters Office of General Counsel and Office of Policy and Legislative Programs, West District leadership, and U.S. National Military Representatives at SHAPE. This groundwork laid the foundation for drafting a new memorandum of understanding regarding U.S. construction funding for SHAPE schools.

Kretz excelled in managing the impact of military force stationing across Europe on our school populations. Representing DoDEA Europe in meetings with senior military officials, he provided invaluable information on enrollment numbers and explored options to address student population fluctuations. His efforts in supporting planning related to stationing actions at USAG-Ansbach are instrumental in aiding stakeholders' understanding of DoDEA requirements and decision timelines to support the Ansbach community.

David Kretz was selected as DoDEA's Employee of the Quarter for the First Quarter of 2024.
Mr. David M. Kretz
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