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Number Document Type Office Issuance Date Changed Cancels/Replaces
0.2 Physical Education Scope and Sequence (cancelled) Manual Standards and Curriculum 04/01/1984 02/08/2021
00a Annual Equal Employment Opportunity Policy Statement (cancelled) Directive Type Memo Equal Employment Opportunity Programs 08/09/2013
00b Bus Security Attendant Program (cancelled) Directive Type Memo 10/29/2013
00c Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children (cancelled) Directive Type Memo Partnership and Resources 08/23/2010
00d Data Collection Approval Process-Military Community Requests (cancelled) Directive Type Memo Research and Evaluation 10/25/2006 Administrative Instruction: 1304.01 Research Request Program
00e DoDEA Bus Security Attendant Program and the Automated Vehicle Locator (cancelled) Directive Type Memo 09/05/2008
00f DoDEA Web Publishing Guidelines (cancelled) Manual Communications 02/01/2002
00g Physical Fitness Pilot Program Memorandum (cancelled) Directive Type Memo Human Resources 01/27/2014
00h Physical Fitness Pilot Program (cancelled) Directive Type Memo Human Resources 02/20/2014
00i Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect (cancelled) Directive Type Memo Student Services 03/09/2012 11/05/2018
00j Use of Non-Conforming Vans for Student Travel (cancelled) Directive Type Memo Logistics 03/10/2004
00k Policy Cancellation Memorandum 1 (cancelled) Directive Type Memo 03/20/2020
00l Policy Cancellation Memorandum 2 (cancelled) Directive Type Memo 03/20/2020
00m Policy Cancellation Memorandum 3 (cancelled) Directive Type Memo 03/20/2020
00n Policy Cancellation Memorandum 4 (cancelled) Directive Type Memo 04/06/2020
00o Policy Cancellation Memorandum 5 (cancelled) Directive Type Memo 04/06/2020
00p Policy Cancellation Memorandum 6 (cancelled) Directive Type Memo 04/17/2020
00q Alternate Dispute Resolution Program (cancelled) Directive Type Memo 07/07/2009 Regulation: 1800.01 Alternative Dispute Resolution
00r Annual Policy Statement on Reasonable Accommodation (cancelled) Directive Type Memo Equal Employment Opportunity Programs 09/09/2013
00s Policy Cancellation Memorandum 7 (cancelled) Directive Type Memo 02/08/2021
00t Policy Cancellation Memorandum 8 (cancelled) Directive Type Memo 02/08/2021
00u Policy Cancellation Memorandum 9 (cancelled) Directive Type Memo 02/08/2021
00v Policy Cancellation Memorandum 10 (cancelled) Directive Type Memo 02/08/2021
01 DoDEA Template Instructions Guidance Office of DoDEA Policy 04/26/2017 01/10/2019
01a DoDEA Crisis Management Guide (cancelled) Procedural Guide 02/01/2021
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