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Goal 3: Talent Excellence

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Talent Excellence

A talented workforce is an essential element of student achievement. DoDEA must maintain a highly skilled and motivated workforce that is equipped with the right resources to meet the ever changing needs of students. DoDEA identified three Strategic Initiatives to achieve Talent Excellence: first, to respond to our changing workforce and to increase human capital capacity; second, to promote employee engagement, and third, to maximize human resource technology. Taken together, these three initiatives will give DoDEA employees the tools they need to equip students to be college and career ready.

Ensuring Workforce and Human Capital Capacity

Providing excellence in education to every student requires a wide variety of talents. To that end, DoDEA must be able to assess, recruit and grow its human capital capacity. After implementation of this Strategic Initiative, DoDEA will have the resources to identify strategic staffing needs, recruit diverse and talented employees, provide employment offers in a timely manner, and specifically address critical staffing needs.

Promoting Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is the key to a productive workforce. DoDEA will promote employee engagement by creating career pathways and progressions for employees that correspond to training and professional learning opportunities. The opportunity for career advancement and professional growth will both motivate employees and increase DoDEA’s human capital capacity by creating a dynamic and committed workforce vested in leading practices.  

Maximizing Human Resource Technology

To meet the ever-increasing needs of a dynamic school system, Human Resource data must be accurate and instantly accessible. This initiative will allow DoDEA to track and monitor the progress of hiring actions and verify the accuracy of all human capital actions resulting in data-informed decisions that create significant efficiencies. Data will be used to inform workforce diversity, recruitment opportunities, and succession plans.

A talented workforce is an essential element of student achievement.

Goal 3- Strategic Initiative 3.1: 

Changing Workforce and Human Capital Capacity - Design and implement succession planning initiatives to increase organizational capacity and workforce diversity. 

 Critical Success Factors 

  1. Develop Human Capital Cycle: In order to meet DoDEA’s mission by addressing future workforce demographic and staffing needs at all locations, we will develop a Human Capital Plan that defines strategies that are informed by data including exit interviews, troop movement projections, and workforce analysis.
  2. Marketing Strategies for Employee Recruitment: In order to create and sustain an accomplished and diverse workforce with the capacity to operate a 21st Century education system, we will develop marketing and branding strategies to attract and retain a workforce that is talented, engaged, and reflective of our student population.
  3. Organizational Capacity to Complete Background Checks in a Timely Manner: In order to sustain appropriate levels of staffing, we will provide adequate capacity to conduct CNACI and Background checks for all employees.
  4. Address Critical Staffing Needs: In order to provide and maintain excellent service to our students and employees, we will research and identify the root cause for hard-to fill positions and will utilize results to develop and implement a process to address identified needs.
Goal 3- Strategic Initiative 3.2: 

Promoting Employee Engagement - Expand opportunities to increase capacity and engagement in the workforce.

Critical Success Factor:

  1. Career Pathways and Progressions with Corresponding Training and Professional Development Opportunities: In order to grow and retain a highly skilled and motivated workforce, we will provide career pathways and progressions that incorporate professional learning opportunities for all employees.
Goal 3- Strategic Initiative 3.3: 

Integrated Human Resource Technology -  Expand and integrate technology to streamline services, remain competitive, and increase transparency through stakeholder access to information and resources.

Critical Success Factors:

  1. Strategic Human Capital Management System: In order to provide accurate data for all stakeholders, we will implement a Human Capital Management System that employs a single data warehousing solution for all human resource and budget related data.
  2. Hiring Process Tracking System: In order to enable timely hiring, we will implement a system to track and monitor the progress of hiring actions.
  3. Develop and Utilize Data Display Tools: In order to provide immediate, relevant, and actionable information to support business strategies, we will deploy visual management 
    platforms supporting business functions to ensure accuracy of shared information with all stakeholders. 
  4. Accurate Human Capital Actions: In order to continuously improve the quality of Human Capital related processes, we will implement a method to track and analyze the accuracy rate of Human Capital actions.