SY 24-25 Student Re-registration Window Opens on April 10

The Student Re-registration window opens on April 10, 2024. Parents should complete a re-registration for each currently enrolled student as soon as possible. During re-registration, parents must indicate whether their student will be withdrawing or returning for the upcoming school year.

Organizational Excellence

Goal 4: Organizational Excellence

Organizational Excellence

DoDEA strives to build an equitable, enduring, accountable, and responsive organization that provides appropriate resources and direction to accomplish the Mission. To improve as an organization DoDEA will pursue four Strategic Initiatives around Organizational Excellence. Taken together, these initiatives will ensure that we have the tools we need to identify and meet the needs of all students within our system.

Comprehensive Planning

DoDEA will continuously improve its comprehensive approach to planning, allowing schools, District, Region, and Headquarters offices to appropriately plan, budget and procure the resources necessary to support student personal growth and achievement. The planning system provides the framework for an efficient, cohesive, and collaborative organization through the alignment of DoDEA’s budgetary requirements, procurements, Human Capital Plan and cycle, operational plans, cross-functional integration, and progress monitoring.

Information Technology Modernization

DoDEA’s IT infrastructure must be able to meet the wide-ranging needs of a global school system. Continued investment in DoDEA's IT infrastructure allows DoDEA to align its IT capabilities to the needs of 21st century teaching and learning. A five-year plan that balances existing and future IT requirements against budget constraints will support strategic IT modernization. This plan will align to DoDEA's curriculum, assessment, and professional learning needs as well as software and hardware requirements. Concurrently, DoDEA will remedy non-compliant systems to ensure alignment with DOD IT requirements.

Accountability for Organizational Performance

DoDEA will continue to maintain the highest standards for organizational excellence and accountability. Accountability and performance improvement will be supported by a formal data-driven continuous improvement system designed to measure the implementation and effectiveness of strategic educational initiatives and promote a culture of collaborative planning and leadership. DoDEA will develop clear policies that align accountability and school improvement efforts.

Equity for Students, Employees, and Families

DoDEA is responsible for creating an equitable system where all military-connected students, employees, and families feel welcomed, respected, engaged, and empowered. In order to create an organization-wide climate that prioritizes equity, DoDEA established the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Division. This office will drive the effort towards creating the necessary policies, practice and learning opportunities to create equitable learning and working environments, but all members of DoDEA will contribute to the successful outcome of this Strategic Initiative.

DoDEA Strives to Build an Enduring, Accountable, and Responsive Organization

Goal 4- Strategic Initiative 4.1: 

Comprehensive Planning — Implement the DoDEA Comprehensive Planning System (CPS)

Critical Success Factors:

  1. Efficient Organizational Planning System: To increase organizational effectiveness and efficiency across functional areas, we will implement a systemic comprehensive planning cycle that aligns resources, acquisitions, and plans to meet DoDEA’s strategic goals.

Goal 4- Strategic Initiative 4.2:

Information Technology Modernization — Invest strategically in IT to support teaching and learning, promote efficiency and effectiveness of all operations, and maintain a robust IT infrastructure.

Critical Success Factors:

  1. Planning for Technology: In order to ensure technology sustainability and innovation, we will develop and implement a long-term strategic technology plan to promote innovation, support digital learning, and remain current as technology transforms and improves.

Goal 4- Strategic Initiative 4.3: 

Accountability for Organizational Performance — DoDEA leadership will embrace and support the equitable structures, systems, policies, work practices, and leadership styles that are important to stakeholders while ensuring accountability.

Critical Success Factors:

  1. Systemic Accountability: DoDEA leadership will drive continuous improvement by setting expectations across the organization for performance and responding with recognition and support.
  2. Analytics to Measure Effectiveness: In order to monitor effectiveness and make data driven improvements, we will leverage data from across DoDEA.
  3. Clear and Appropriate Policies: DoDEA will develop and revise policy that aligns to strategic objectives, minimizes organizational risk, and ensures compliance with relevant laws and issuances.

Goal 4- Strategic Initiative 4.4: 

Equity for Students, Employees, and Families — Stand up and grow Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) structures to lead and implement DEI across the organization so that all students, employees, and families feel welcomed, respected, engaged, and empowered.

Critical Success Factors:

  1. Policies, Practices, and Learning Opportunities: Develop policies, practices, learning opportunities to eliminate barriers as well as enhance, and maximize equitable access to resources and support opportunity for all students, employees, and families.
  2. Climate to Ensure Equity for Students, Employees, and Families: To create a climate that ensures equity for students, employees, and families, we will implement the policies, practices, and learning opportunities that impact teaching and learning, Human Capital, and engagement with families.
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