Goal 2: Talent Excellence

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Talent Excellence

A talented workforce is an essential part of student achievement. To meet the everchanging needs of students, DoDEA must ensure all employees are equipped with the right resources. To help employees continuously improve, DoDEA identified three Strategic Initiatives: Ensure Workforce and Human Capital Capacity, Equitable Employee Engagement, and Improving DoDEA’s System of Professional Learning. Together, these Strategic Initiatives ensure that DoDEA is attracting, hiring, and retaining a strong team while encouraging employee growth, development, and engagement.

Ensuring Workforce and Human Capital Capacity

DoDEA’s success in providing excellence in education to every student begins with recruiting and retaining a range of talented individuals. This Strategic Initiative directs DoDEA’s efforts to identify staffing shortfalls, hire and develop diverse and talented employees, and prioritize critical staffing needs. This Strategic Initiative will help DoDEA develop a Human Capital Plan that incorporates recruitment, retention, and succession strategies in order to sustain appropriate levels of staffing.

Equitable Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is the key to a productive workforce. To support engagement, DoDEA will embark on a series of cultural audits to use data to drive meaningful change. DoDEA will also encourage employee engagement by developing career pathways and progression plans that identify relevant professional learning opportunities as well as leadership development across all domains. Finally, DoDEA will develop interactive employee onboarding and off-boarding processes that ensure we provide employees with positive first and last steps in their DoDEA journey.

Improving DoDEA's System of Professional Learning

Professional learning is the key lever to meeting the evolving needs of students. DoDEA supports educators at all levels as they develop their instructional practices through standards aligned professional learning opportunities. Through this Strategic Initiative, principals, assistant principals, and district administrators will receive additional support in their work as instructional leaders. As school administrators grow, they will make an even greater positive impact on the educators in their schools.

A Talented Workforce is an Essential Element of Student Achievement

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Goal 3- Strategic Initiative 3.1: 

Ensuring Workforce and Human Capital Capacity — Design and implement succession planning initiatives to increase organizational capacity and workforce diversity.

 Critical Success Factors 

  1. Develop Human Capital Plan and Cycle: To address future workforce demographic and staffing needs at all locations, we will develop a multi-dimensional data-driven Human Capital Plan that defines employee recruitment, retention, and succession strategies.

Goal 3- Strategic Initiative 3.2: 

Equitable Employee Engagement — Expand opportunities to equitably increase capacity and engagement in the workforce.

Critical Success Factor:

  1. Career Pathways and Progressions with Corresponding Professional and Leadership Development Opportunities: In order to grow and retain a highly skilled and motivated workforce, we will provide career pathways and progressions that incorporate professional learning opportunities and leadership development for all employees.
  2. Leverage Employee Environmental and Cultural Audits for Continuous Improvement: We will leverage employee environmental and cultural audits as we make data driven decisions that improve customer service and employee engagement.
  3. Interactive Employee Onboarding and Offboarding Process: To improve the efficiency of employee onboarding and off-boarding, we will deploy a collaborative process that promotes feedback and communication opportunities.

Goal 3- Strategic Initiative 3.3: 

Improving DoDEA’s System of Professional Learning — Build capacity of employees to impact student growth and achievement through professional learning.

Critical Success Factors:

  1. Aligned System of Professional Learning: In order to foster excellent instruction for DoDEA students, we will sustain an aligned College and Career Ready Standards professional learning system for teachers, school administrators, and district specialists.
  2. Instructional Leadership Professional Learning: We will provide professional learning on instructional leadership and support for principals, assistant principals, and district leaders to strengthen their skills to lead teaching and learning in every school.
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