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Gifted Education - FAQ's

When will the elementary gifted program be revised?

The elementary gifted program evaluation is currently being reviewed and will begin updating gifted program practices using a three year phase in plan, beginning in SY 17-18 with full implementation in SY 19-20. 

How can I request my child be referred for the gifted program?

Please contact your child’s school for a referral form.

Can students who have learning disabilities also be identified as gifted?

Yes – these students are ‘twice-exceptional’ (2e). Students who are identified as twice-exceptional may have learning disabilities that mask their giftedness.  These students may require different identification methods and program modifications to reach their full potential.  It should not be assumed that students with disabilities cannot participate in gifted education programs. For more information, please visit The Council for Exceptional Children – The Association for the gifted

Can students who are English Language Learners be identified as gifted?

Yes – we have a very diverse population of students, and students who do not speak English as their first language may exhibit traits of giftedness in different ways. For more information, please visit

Contact Information:

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