Advanced Academic Program and Services


The Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) provides exemplary education programs that inspire and prepare all students for success. DoDEA is committed to the belief that student potential should be identified in all student populations, particularly among underrepresented groups, through fair and equitable methods. The focus of the program is to meet not only the academic needs, but also the socio-emotional needs of our advanced learners. Identification and programming takes the changing needs of the students into account such that students will be appropriately challenged, with a focus on academic and affective growth. The Advanced Academic Programs and Services will include a continuum of levels of services, and students will be placed in various levels depending on their advanced academic needs as determined through the referral process.

Overarching Framework

  • All educators take a shared, collaborative responsibility for advanced learning. 
  • DoDEA schools provide an inclusive Levels of Service (LOS) approach. 
  • AAPS emphasizes developing potential, identifying and meeting students' advanced learning and affective needs, and matching them to services, beginning in Kindergarten.

DoDEA Manual 2590.2-G - Gifted Education Program Guide 
DoDEA Regulation 2590.1 - Programs for Gifted Education Students (Grades 6-12) DoDEA DTM - Military Interstate Compact and Placement of Gifted Students DoDEA Regulation 1301.01 - DoDEA Comprehensive Assessment System DoDEA AI 1308.01 - Advanced Academic Programs and Services - Elementary (K-5) Advanced Academic Program and Services Implementation Guide 2019 

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