Department of Defense Education Activity

Gifted Education: Identification

Referral Process

  1. Students are considered for services through either a referral, screening, or transfer records:    
    1. Referral of students may come from a teacher, parent, legal guardian, and/or the student him or herself.
    2. Screening occurs by using available DoDEA assessment data for currently enrolled students or, using assessment data from the transferring school system. Screening never excludes a student from consideration in the identification process.      
    3. Transfer Records        
      1. Within DoDEA schools: Students who have been receiving gifted services at the previous school are automatically eligible for  services at the receiving school          
      2. Outside of DoDEA schools: DoDEA complies with procedures as stated within the Military Interstate Compact Agreement for  identified gifted students moving into a DoDEA school as a result of a Permanent Change of Station (PCS).    
  2. Permission of parent or guardian must be obtained before gathering additional information and completing the assessment of each student.
    Permission Form   Referral Form
  3. Data gathering of multiple criteria to develop a student profile:    
    1. Multiple measures are required for analysis to determine appropriate services.
  4. Data gathered may include the following: student observation, student interview, parent input, teacher input, student work portfolio, performance assessments, achievement tests, and abilities tests.
  1. Determination of services is the decision of the local school Advanced Academic (Gifted) Review Committee. No single instrument or score is used to determine eligibility for services.
  2. Communication concerning the outcome of the decision will be mailed directly to the child's parents or guardian.


A parent or legal guardian who disagrees with the services recommendation may appeal the committee's decision in writing to the school principal. The principal's decision will be rendered in writing within 30 business days of the issuance of the notification letter.  Please speak with your building principal to confirm receipt of your appeal letter.

Contact Information:

DoDEA Gifted Education Instructional Systems Specialist
4800 Mark Center Drive
Alexandria, VA 22350-1400