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Gifted Education - Services

The Gifted Education Services adheres to the following guidelines:

  1. A continuum of gifted education services, matched to the needs of gifted learners, is available at each school. Once a student has been identified as eligible, the services, not the status, may change to meet the students' needs
  2. Different instructional arrangements are considered in determining each school's options for services.
  3. Several service delivery options are available at each school to meet the needs of students identified for gifted education services.
  4. Differentiated learning experiences for gifted students are designed to supplement and build upon the DoDEA curriculum content standards.
  5. Gifted learners are included in flexible grouping arrangements that ensure the availability of intellectual peers.
  6. Gifted learners have access to social/emotional guidance and counseling appropriate to their unique development.
  7. A profile of each student's strengths and areas of need is reviewed annually by the gifted review committee.

Gifted Education Service Options

Elementary - K - Grade 5
•Grade acceleration
•Grade acceleration for specific content
•Individualized services
•Regular classroom with cluster grouping and differentiation
•Regular classroom with differentiation of instruction
•Regular classroom with grade acceleration of specific content
•Resources sessions outside the classroom

Middle School/High School - Grades 6 - 12
•Grade acceleration
•Grade acceleration for specific content
•Individualized services
•Interdisciplinary course
•Regular course with cluster grouping and differentiation

High School - Grades 9 - 12
•Advanced Placement
•Honors Classes

Contact Information:

DoDEA Gifted Education Instructional Systems Specialist
4800 Mark Center Drive
Alexandria, VA 22350-1400