Department of Defense Education Activity

Europe Student Athletics

Our Athletics Program is an integral part of the total learning experience. Participating schools work to promote the educational significance of "interscholastic" athletics.

To allow each student to excel in their unique gifts we have created a wide variety of athletic options. Our programs are designed to help each student grow physically, mentally, and socially. This is an opportunity for all our young men and women to participate and compete on an equitable basis.

The sports program and educational goals are guided by DoDEA, our parent organization. Throughout our competitive sports activities we work to promote sportsmanship and ethical behavior on the part of everyone: athletes, coaches, administrators, officials and spectators. And, without question, in addition to athletic mentorship, we work diligently to protect the physical well-being of each athlete.

We encourage our students to step out and try something new! For information specific to your school parents and students should see their principal or athletic director.

Social distancing is an essential tool to maintain the health and safety of the DoDEA community during the COVID-19 pandemic. The purpose of this guidelines is to provide school leaders with a range of solutions as they enter SY 20-21 in a number of areas at HPCON Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie and options for implementing those guidelines in accordance with CDC and DoD requirements. It is not an exhaustive list of every action that a district or school leader will need to take with regard to social distancing, as each school and community is unique in its configuration, enrollment, and population. The different circumstances at each school will require innovation and flexibility to develop comprehensive responses at each location. School and district leaders are expected to collaborate and partner with installation commanders as they develop plans for execution within their local communities.