SY 24-25 Student Re-registration Window Opened on April 10

The Student Re-registration window opened on April 10, 2024. Parents should complete a re-registration for each currently enrolled student as soon as possible. During re-registration, parents must indicate whether their student will be withdrawing or returning for the upcoming school year.

Giving Us Your Input

Giving Us Your Input

We work to provide avenues for your voice to be heard:

  1. We encourage parents to initially contact your child's teacher or school administrator directly with any questions.
  2. The School Advisory Committee (SAC) at your local level exists as the key place for you to make your ideas and concerns known. Contact your child's school for more information.
  3. Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE) 
    A link has been provided below for each school. This "comment card" system is managed by DISA but each submission comes to the DoDEA Europe Area Office for immediate review.
  4. Other groups that help advise DoDEA Europe can be foundhere

The Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE)

To continue to improve DoDEA Europe uses the DoD managed ICE system to receive feedback. This customer response tool allows parents and sponsors to evaluate and rate the services we provide at DoDEA Europe schools. Your ratings are used to improve the services we work to make available to you. We look forward to your thoughtful feedback. Review the list below to find your DoDEA Europe school or use the "map" links to the right.

Locate your school on ICE:

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