Department of Defense Education Activity



The DoDEA Licensure Unit has the responsibility of ensuring that all educators have satisfactorily completed their requirements for a given teacher's certificate. This also assures the public that only properly trained individuals are allowed to instruct and administer academic programs in DoDEA.

DoDEA schools are U. S. accredited and our teachers are among the best in the nation. Our teachers and specialists are fully academically qualified to instruct and perform other tasks necessary to provide a high quality educational program for students in grades pre-kindergarten through grade 12.

Application Requirements and Information must be considered for each position. Even though applicants will self-certify when making application for employment, the DoDEA Licensure Unit will evaluate State teaching certificates and transcripts before final job offers are made.

Though the term "reciprocity" is used widely across the country, the true meaning of the term is often overlooked. Reciprocity is a system whereby a recommendation for licensure from a state-approved education training program at an accredited college or university is recognized in another state. The reciprocity is governed by the Interstate Agreement developed by the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification (NASDTEC).

Reciprocity is frequently misunderstood.

  • Reciprocity does not guarantee that a license in one state can be "traded in" for a license in another state.
  • Reciprocity does not guarantee that an educator license from one state is recognized by another state.
  • Decisions of licensure through reciprocity vary from state to state and are not governed by the Interstate Agreement. An educator should contact the licensing office for up-to-date licensure testing requirements.

DoDEA Licensure. There are three types of licenses issued to DoDEA employees:

  • Provisional License. Newly hired educators (other than those who are issued an emergency license) will be issued a Provisional License. The Provisional License is valid for two school years. Requirements for the Professional License must be completed no later than the second school year of employment.
  • Professional License. Educators who have completed two years of successful teaching experience with DoDEA and meet all qualification requirements as stated in this brochure will be issued a DoDEA Professional License.
  • Emergency License. This license is issued only when a fully qualified, licensed applicant is not available for the position, and the position is essential to the instructional program. It is valid for one school year but is seldom used.

DoDEA Teacher Certificate Requests

Current DoDEA Educators: Currently employed DoDEA Educators can obtain a copy of their DoDEA teaching certificate by using their CAC.

Former DoDEA Educators: Former DoDEA professional educators and administrators, to include DoDEA HR personnel, cannot access previously issued DoDEA Certificates from the DoDEA Certificate Program.  Employee separation includes voluntary and involuntary separation and retirement from DoDEA.  DoDEA 's Files Retention Policy requires DoDEA Certification Folders to be destroyed after 3 continuous years of being separated from DoDEA.  A "last" certificate issuance still on file (expired or current) and within the 3 years of separation, may be sent to the former employee upon EMAIL request to DoDEA."