Science: Resources

The DoDEA Science curriculum resource for Kindergarten to grade 5 is Full Option Science System, known as FOSS Next Generation.

Instructional Resources - Elementary

Full Option Science System, known as FOSS Next Generation -

Instructional Resources - Secondary

Grades 6-12 Core Curriculum

Grades 6-12 Supplemental

Grades 9-12 Supplemental

Advanced Placement Science

Savvas Learning Company

All titles include Mastering and Pearson eText

  • AP Biology 
    • Campbell Biology In Focus AP(R) Edition 2e (C)2017
  • AP Chemistry 
    • Chemistry: The Central Science, AP(R) Edition, 14e (C)2018
  • AP Environmental Science 
    • Environment: The Science Behind the Stories Student AP(R) Edition 6e (C)2018
  • AP Physics 1 & 2 
    • College Physics: A Strategic Approach Student AP(R) Edition 4e (C)2019
  • AP Physics Calculus-Based 
    • Physics for Scientists and Engineers: A Strategic Approach with Modern Physics Student AP(R) Edition 4e (C)2017
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