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CCRSS Kindergarten - Grade 5

DoDEA's College and Career Ready Standards for Science (CCRSS) are based off of the Next Generation Science Standards. These standards were developed from current research on science and science education as outlined in the Framework for K-12 Science Education. This process involved the National Research Council, the National Science Teachers Association, and The American Association for the Advancement of Science, Achieve, and numerous stakeholders from across the nation. These standards are designed to stimulate students' interest in science and set the expectations for what students should know and be able to do throughout their K-12 science education to be prepared for college, careers, and citizenship.

CCR Standards Science K to 5

The standards progress to teach students scientific inquiry through science phenomena.  The skills of scientific inquiry, including knowledge and use of tools, are not taught as separate skills in science, but are embedded throughout because these process skills are fundamental to all science instruction and content.

DoDEA Science Standards Links for grades K - 5:

CCR Standards Kindergarten
CCR Standards Science 1st Grade
CCR Standards Science 2nd Grade
CCR Standards Science 3rd Grade
CCR Standards Science 4th Grade
CCR Standards Science 5th Grade
CCR Standards Kindergarten - 5th Grade

DoDEA Science Standards Links for grades 6 - 12:

Beginning in School year 2019-2020, DoDEA will begin implementing the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) as the College and Career Ready Standards for Science (CCRSS) in grades 6-12. It is an expectation of the College and Career Ready Standards for Science that all students in 6th-12th grade will experience all the NGSS standards by graduation.

CCRSS Middle School - Grades 6 - 8:

2A Middle School Overview Chart

CCRSS High School – Core Courses

CCRSS Biology Chart

CCRSS Chemistry ChartCCRSS Physics Chart

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