Instructional Design, E-Learning, and Graphic Design

Instructional Design, E-Learning, and Graphic Design

The Professional Learning Division consists of a team of highly skilled instructional designers who use research-based processes of design, organizational development, information and communication technology, and multimedia development as tools to enhance instruction, increase learner engagement and collaboration, and improve learning.

Instructional designers collaborate with subject matter experts (SMEs) across directorates at DoDEA HQ to create products so DoDEA employees can participate in rich, meaningful learning experiences in both face-to-face and online learning environments. These products align to the DoDEA Blueprint for Continuous Improvement and strategic initiatives. Since DoDEA has a worldwide footprint, most of the learning products we design and develop are for e-learning/online professional learning environments.

Furthermore, the graphics expert on the team provides graphic design assistance within the Education Directorate for various print and online visual design products on an as-needed basis.

We employ industry-based instructional design methods to:

  • increase and/or enhance the possibility of learning, and
  • encourage the engagement of learners so that knowledge retention is increased and learners acquire deeper levels of understanding.

Products and Services

Our instructional designers work with SMEs to create effective learning products using research-based best practices for adult learning. All of our products are in compliance or conformance with Section 508 standards (accessibility), copyright law, and fair use guidelines. Sample products and services include:

  • Innovative and effective professional learning and training products such as courses, modules, and micro-learning experiences
  • E-learning design and development
  • Interactive educational content, games, and activities
  • Curriculum development assistance, instructional support materials, and assessment materials
  • Graphic design for online and print products
  • Multimedia products such as interactive media and tutorial videos
  • Learning management system (LMS) assistance
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