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The Dr. Linda L. Curtis Educator of Promise Award was created in 2019 to recognize DoDEA educators with less than three years of teaching experience and demonstrated teacher leadership qualities. Only one early career educator will be selected as the Dr. Linda L. Curtis Educator of Promise recipient every school year.

2024 Educator of Promise Nomination Announcement

Educator of Promise Program


The Educator of Promise Award was created in 2019 by the DoDEA Director, Mr. Thomas Brady, to honor the legacy and service of retired Senior Leader and long-time educator Dr. Linda L. Curtis. Among her contributions of thirty-three years of service to DoDEA was her support and recognition of teachers as leaders and her advancement of a teacher leadership initiative across DoDEA.

Dr. Curtis established Focused Collaboration time to empower DoDEA educators to discuss student learning, develop learning outcomes, and collaborate with colleagues focusing on student achievement. This decision was guided by her belief in the power of the teacher's voice. In collaboration with the DoDEA Director and other DoDEA stakeholders, Dr. Curtis conducted the transition from a practice of recognizing teachers for excellence to enhancing the leadership skills of participating teachers through a Teacher Leadership Summit (TLS).

The inaugural DoDEA TLS was held at DoDEA Headquarters in September 2016 to connect leaders worldwide. Since the DoDEA TLS, over 50 educators have been trained in the Teacher Leader Model Standards (TLMS). As a result, they have created and implemented action plans that address an educational issue in their communities.

In 2017, Dr. Curtis formed a Teacher Advisory Board to collaborate with the three regional Centers for Instructional Leadership (CIL) to discuss and make recommendations for teacher leadership across the school system.

In 2018, Dr. Curtis approved and resourced DoDEA's first Teacher Leader Academy (TLA) in Europe.

In 2019, while at the TLA, Dr. Curtis announced the addition of a teacher leadership critical success factor to DoDEA's Blueprint for Continuous Improvement.

In August 2019, she also authorized the adoption of the definition of teacher leadership and the Teacher Leader Model Standards by DoDEA.

Dr. Curtis was instrumental in advancing teacher leadership across the DoDEA agency during her career. The Educator of Promise Award will provide a lasting tribute to her efforts and continue to elevate the importance of teacher leadership by empowering learning communities in DoDEA schools around the globe.


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