Parent Academy 2

Mar 12, 2024
Military connected family.

The second annual Parent Academy was held recently at the Rocker NCO Club on Kadena Air Base.

The event is an opportunity for PAC South District to bring parents out, to get information about schools and have sessions for both the elementary and secondary level in English or literacy, math, and in school links and social emotional learning. 

Nicole Parker, Parent Academy Event Coordinator said, “We’d like parents to take away from this that they are very important stakeholders in our school system and that we need them to make a difference in the education of their children and we’re here to help them and work in partnership with them and try to give them tips to help improve their student’s academic performance.”

One DoDEA parent in attendance, Jessica Guiterrez, observed “The teachers were giving parents strategies that we could implement at home, such as using academic vocabulary while working with our children.”

Parents customized the day based on their interests and needs. Participants chose up to six sessions for the day. Nicole Parker also said “This has been a great experience and I’ve enjoyed being able to help plan and serve as a presenter for this event. I feel like getting to talk to parents about helping their children succeed and read more books has been a great opportunity for me.”

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