SY 24-25 Student Re-registration Window Opened on April 10

The Student Re-registration window opened on April 10, 2024. Parents should complete a re-registration for each currently enrolled student as soon as possible. During re-registration, parents must indicate whether their student will be withdrawing or returning for the upcoming school year.

Rights and Responsibilities

1. DoDEA School Responsibilities to Address Sexual Harassment

  • Address incidents of sexual harassment promptly and effectively.
  • Ensure fair and impartial steps are taken to determine what occurred.
  • Implement measures to stop the harassing behavior and address its effects.
  • Take steps to prevent further/future sexual harassment.
  • Notify the parties involved at the outcome of the matter.
  • Protect against retaliation.

2. Student Rights

Right to Be Free From Sexual Harassment. DoDEA students have a right to be free from sexual harassment or sexual assault committed by other students, staff, contractors, vendors, volunteers, visitors, and anyone else within DoDEA jurisdiction.  Similarly, such acts committed by a DoDEA student against other students, staff, or others of the opposite or same sex constitutes inappropriate behavior and is prohibited.

Right to Report. Any DoDEA student who believes that they have been subjected to sexual harassment or sexual assault has the right to report such misconduct to any staff member or directly to their principal by any means, written or oral, and to receive prompt and appropriate handling of their report. Anonymous reports will be accepted. Reports may also be submitted to the Civil Rights Program at

Right to Investigation.  Students have the right to have their allegations investigated by an appropriate DoDEA official according to the guidelines of applicable DoDEA policy.

Right to Due Process. Any DoDEA student who is alleged to have violated the prohibition against sexual harassment or sexual assault has the right to be treated in a fair and equitable manner and afforded the benefits of due process, to include the right to be heard and to provide evidence in their favor prior to any finding of violation or imposition of disciplinary action.

Right to Counseling. Any student who alleges they have been the target of sexual harassment or sexual assault, and any student who is alleged to have committed such prohibited conduct, is entitled to the neutral, confidential services of school counselors available for counseling and support.

Right to Be Free From Retaliation. Retaliation against a student who has made a report of sexual harassment or sexual assault, or who cooperated in any investigation of such report, is prohibited and subject to discipline.

3. Student Responsibilities

Respect the rights and human dignity of other students and all school employees, volunteers, and others involved with school activities, which includes refraining from sexual harassment, sexual assault, or other sex-based acts of misconduct.

Cooperate truthfully with any investigation of allegations of sexual harassment, sexual assault, or sex-based misconduct of any kind.

Refrain from retaliating against another student, or any school employee, volunteer, or other person who has reported sexual harassment or who is cooperating with an investigation.

4. Employee Rights and Responsibilities

Employees may learn more about their rights and responsibilities by contacting the Equal Employment Opportunity Programs (EEOP) Office.

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