Examples of Sexual Harassment

Examples of Sexual Harassment

Some examples of being sexually harassed include when someone does the following, whether it's a student or an adult:

  • Comments or jokes about sex or private body parts.
  • Use sex or gender-related name calling.
  • Shares letters, notes, emails, texts, IMs, or online postings that talk about sex or private body parts.
  • Comments or teases anyone about their sexuality, sexual development, or gender identity.
  • Harasses anyone for not fitting their idea of social gender norms.
  • Shares pictures or videos of private body parts, sexual activity, or sexually-suggestive acts, such as on their cell phone, in a magazine, on a computer, or in an email.
  • Touches their own or anyone else’s private body parts in a sexual way.
  • Intentionally exposes their private body parts.
  • Pulls at your clothing (pulls down your pants, flips your skirt, lifts your shirt, etc.) or grabs at you, or tries to, so they can see or touch any part of your body.
  • Blocking someone’s path so they can't get away from the sexual harassment.

Other prohibited behaviors include:

  • Unwanted student-on-student flirtations or showing sexual or physical interest in someone when the person has made clear that the interest is not wanted.  
  • Any expression of sexual or romantic interest between school adult staff or volunteers and students.
  • Asking or requiring a student to submit to any form of sexual harassment in exchange for allowing that student to participate in any sport, club, or activity, to get special favors or a better grade, to ride the bus or other transportation, to keep a secret from their parents, to protect against being harmed or having their belongings taken or damaged, to protect others from being harmed, or for any other reason meant to control them (as committed by an adult or another student).

Adult-to-student abusive misconduct

Sexual harassment against a student is most often initiated by a student against a student, but it can be initiated by adults in a position of power or influence over the student being harassed. Also prohibited is abusive misconduct that appears to be cultivating an inappropriate relationship between an adult and student that could lead to sexual harassment or assault, such as: inviting a student to travel or go somewhere alone with a school employee for reasons not related to school business without parent or guardian permission; giving a student gifts, money, privileges or other favors beyond the customary school employee-student relationship; engaging in or condoning a student’s improper use of school computers or use of the Internet regarding sex-themed content not related to approved instruction or curriculum; drinking alcohol or taking drugs in front of students without their parent/guardian’s presence or permission or permitting students to do the same at school-sponsored activities, the employee’s residence, or in any school-related context.

There is no such thing as consensual sexual interactions between a student and a DoDEA employee, volunteer, or other adult in a position of power and influence over a student, even if the student is of the legal age of consent.

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