Antiterrorism Extracurricular Activity, Event, and Trip System



All users must complete a DD Form 2875 “System Authorization Access Request (SAAR)” to establish an Antiterrorism Extracurricular Activity, Event, and Trip System (AETS) account.

Forms will need to be downloaded using Microsoft Edge Browser, once you have clicked on the form, and have been redirected to the “Please wait” page, click on the save icon, it’s the floppy disk in the upper right corner. Save the document to your preferred folder. Once you have saved the form, you will be able to open it, fill it out, and submit it as per instructions below.

DD Form 2875 Instructions:

  1. Using the access level table to the right, determine the level of access required for your position. Once you have determined your level of access, download and complete the prefilled DD Form 2875 Part I. Provide your information as highlighted in the example below.
  2. Submit the DD Form 2875 to your supervisor, ensuring the date of the DD Form 2875 is within 30 days of the signature date.  For DoDEA employee’s, ensure you include your DAU cyber awareness certificate in the submission to your supervisor. The date on the DAU cyber awareness certificate must be correctly listed on DD Form 2875, Part I, Block 10.  For contractors, your supervisor will be your Contract Officer Representative.
  3. DoDEA Personnel: The employees’ supervisor will verify the need for access and sign the DD Form 2875, Part II Blocks 17 – 17e.
    1. The supervisor will sign and send the DD Form 2875 along with the employee’s current DAU cyber awareness certificate to
    2. The Information Owners will process the DD Form 2875, Part II Blocks 18 – 18b. Upon completion the Information Owners will send the DD Form 2875 to
    3. After processing, the Information System Security Officer will send the signed DD Form 2875 to
    4. The DoDEA Security Management Division Personnel Security Branch will complete Part III of the DD Form 2875 and send it to for account creation and final approval.
  4. Non-DoDEA Personnel: Follow your agency’s guidance on routing DD Form 2875 except when it comes to Information System Security Officer signature. 
    1. Once your supervisor and security manager have signed the DD Form 2875, send the DD Form 2875, along with your current cyber awareness certificate to
    2. The Security Management Division Force Protection Branch will submit your DD Form 2875 and cyber awareness certificate to
    3. Once the Information System Security Officer has completed their process, they will return the DD Form 2875 to for account creation and approval.

Access Levels

DD2875 - AETS - Level One - View Only Access

Level One (1) Access

View information only, to include overall trip status data. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Military command without approval or acknowledgment requirements
  • DoD School Resource or Defense Officers
  • DoD School Liaisons
  • Other positions or contractors within DoD, Department of State requiring visibility on student travel

DD2875 - AETS - Level Two - Trip Submitter

Level Two (2) Access

Personnel who submits trips, corresponds with trip approvers, and view overall trip status data.  This level cannot approve student travel.  Personnel includes but is not limited to:

  • DoDEA Coaches
  • DoDEA Contractors (*)
  • DoDEA District Secretaries (*)
  • DoDEA Division Chiefs
  • DoDEA Protection Working Group Members (*)
  • DoDEA Headquarters Users (*)
  • DoDEA Instructional Systems Specialist (*)
  • DoDEA Logistic Regional Chiefs (*)
  • DoDEA School Secretary (not approving student travel) (*)
  • DoDEA School Security Officers
  • DoDEA School Staff (*)
  • DoDEA Teachers
  • DoDEA Transportation Branch Chief (*)

DD2875 - AETS - Level Three - Trip Approver

Level Three (3) Access

Personnel who approves/rejects trips, make decisions or recommendations regarding student travel.  The scheduling, attendance of events e.g. (far east events, or district events), or arranging transportation, to include the funding or allocation of resources for the transportation.  This includes but is not limited to:

  • DoDEA Academic Directors
  • DoDEA Athletic Directors
  • DoDEA Community Superintendents
  • DoDEA District Chiefs of Staff
  • DoDEA District Force Protection Officers (*)
  • DoDEA District Safety Officers (*)
  • DoDEA Directors of Student Excellence (*)
  • DoDEA District Superintendents
  • DoDEA District Transportation Supervisors
  • DoDEA DoDEA Information Technology Representatives (*)
  • DoDEA Event Directors
  • DoDEA Far East Event Coordinators
  • DoDEA Program Directors
  • DoDEA Regional Chief of Staff (*)
  • DoDEA Regional Event Coordinators
  • DoDEA ROTC Program Coordinators
  • DoDEA School Assistant Principals
  • DoDEA School Administrative Officers
  • DoDEA School Nurses
  • DoDEA School Principals
  • DoDEA School ROTC program coordinators
  • DoDEA School Support Assistants
  • DoDEA Student Transportation Officers
  • Installation Antiterrorism Officers
  • Installation Commanders
  • Installation Emergency Management Officials
  • Installation Law Enforcement, Fire, Medical, and Command Post Operators
  • Installation Safety Officers

DD2875 - AETS - Level Four - System Administrator

Level Four (4) Access

System administrators who manage user accounts to include approving or denying system access.  This includes but is not limited to DoDEA Regional Force Protection Officers.

DD2875 - AETS - Level Five - Privileged System User

Level Five (5) Access

System users with decision making capability or authority to make system changes, approve user accounts, and all other system functions.  This includes but is not limited to:

  • Contract System Architects, Designers, or Engineers
  • DoDEA Chief, Force Protection
  • DoDEA Force Protection Program Manager
  • DoDEA Security Management Division Chief

(*) - Indicates Position may be placed in a higher level.

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