Program Overview

Pacific Student Transition Program.

At DoDEA Pacific, military-connected children are at the heart of all we do. We recognize our military children move three times more often than their civilian peers, with many students attending six to nine different schools during their K-12 years. We also know frequent moves may cause stress and anxiety, adversely impacting students’ academic, social and emotional well-being.

Our Pacific Student Transition Program (STP) is a comprehensive, regional program designed to support inbound and outbound students, positively impacting academic achievement and social experience. Following several years as a pilot program, the STP will be in every DoDEA Pacific school for the 2024-25 school year.

The STP is aligned with the DoDEA Blueprint Goal 1: Strategic Initiative 1.2: Developing comprehensive programs to support students for their transition into college, career and life. Through its fun and engaging activities, the STP fosters social and emotional wellness and resiliency skills. The STP reduces the time it takes for students to adjust to their new school and new environment, helping them integrate into the school and community, and adjust socially and emotionally.

The STP partners with military and community counterparts, including School Liaisons, Teen Centers, and Parent and Teacher Organizations.

Program Details

DoDEA Pacific’s Student Transition Program is designed to assist newly arriving elementary, middle and high school students with finding community within their new school.

Each Student Transition Program is served by a Program Coordinator and Student Ambassadors and provides:

  • A lunch buddy and/or a dedicated place to hang out during lunch
  • A personalized school tour from a Student Ambassador, who can answer questions about classes and programs from a student perspective
  • Local culture trips where you can experience local food and customs
  • A college and career planning tool for middle/high school students to explore interests
    • Information about after school activities, clubs, and social events. High school activities include competitive Far East athletic and academic events in areas such as Journalism, Culinary Arts, Music, STEM, JROTC, and more!
  • Resources to assist with social-emotional wellness following a PCS move

If you’d like more information about the Student Transition Program, please contact your child’s school or your School Liaison.

Pacific Student Transition Program.

Student Ambassadors

Pacific Student Transition Program.

Each new student is assigned a student ambassador, whose main responsibilities are to escort new students for a week, eat lunch together and provide informal on-boarding (go over the content of the welcome pack, answer questions, hang-out and become a “buddy”).

Student ambassadors support the transition coordinator and actively participate in all other transition activities including monthly welcome and farewell events and social and cultural trips. The STP provides a great opportunity for student ambassadors to learn and practice leadership skills. Student ambassadors are recognized by the school administration for their contribution and leadership.

Onboarding Sessions

The transition program delivers four one-hour sessions once a week (every Wednesday/Thursday- whichever is a B day) every month for new students or when needed. Sessions take place during school hours (advisory period). Each new student should attend all four sessions within his/her first month. When possible, the transition coordinator trains and delegates the delivery of sessions to student ambassadors.

Pacific Student Transition Program.

Pacific Student Transition Program Pilot Elementary Schools

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