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Alconbury MS/HS: Policies and Procedures

Academic Eligibility Policy

A student athlete must have a minimum 2.0 GPA for the previous semester prior to the start of the season and have no more than one "F" in order to be eligible for a sports team. If a student is ineligible by the previous semester standard, see section B below.

A. All student athletes eligible at the start of the season will be monitored on a weekly basis for D's and F's throughout the season.

  1. Any athlete that earns more than one failing grade in the classes in which they are enrolled is ineligible to participate in all scrimmages, competitions, be in school uniform at a scheduled event, or travel with the team/club to any away event. The ineligible period commences on Wednesday at 0800 hours through the following Wednesday at 0800 hours.
  2. Grades during the period of monitoring will be cumulative from the beginning of the quarter
  3. An athlete can regain his/her eligibility on a weekly basis.
  4. An athlete who has been identified as ineligible for three consecutive weeks will be dropped from the team.

B. If an athlete does not meet the GPA/1 "F" requirement then the athlete must adhere to the following.

  1. The athlete is ineligible for the first three weeks of the season and will continue to have his/her GPA checked every three weeks through the end of the season. These three-week checks must be done every three weeks even though the athlete may meet the GPA requirement at the end of the first or second three-week period.
  2. Athletes unable to maintain eligibility after reinstatement will become ineligible for the remainder of the semester.
  3. Athletes may still practice during the ineligible three-week period, but participation in all scrimmages and scheduled games is prohibited.
  4. Coaches should encourage tutors and additional study time for these athletes so they may regain and maintain their eligibility through the end of the semester.

C. Official transcripts from previous schools will be used to determine eligibility for transfer students by the same rules outlined above. If an athlete enrolls in school without a transcript or any previous school record.

  1. The athlete must be monitored on a weekly basis. If the athlete has more than one "F" at the end of the weekly monitoring period, then the athlete is ineligible for that week.
  2. Because there is no previous semester GPA available to determine if the GPA requirement has been met (for students in grades 10-12), this athlete must also meet the three-week GPA check. If this athlete has a 2.0 or higher GPA and no more than one failing grade at the three-week check, the athlete will be eligible for the next three-week period, but must pass weekly checks from then on. If no official transcript is available by the 6th week of the season, another three-week check must be done. If the GPA requirement is not met, the athlete will be ineligible for the next three weeks.

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