Department of Defense Education Activity

Lakenheath HS: Policies and Procedures

Each student is responsible for following three basic rules established at the beginning of the school year:


  1. Respect yourself
  2. Respect others
  3. Obey any reasonable request by a staff member or adult volunteer in the school

Appearance/Dress Code


Appropriate dress is the responsibility of the sponsor and the student. School personnel determine inappropriate dress. Students are expected to dress in a manner that does not interfere with the educational process of the school. Good judgment and commonsense should be used in selecting clothing that is neat, comfortable, and appropriate for a school environment. Shirts and footwear are required at all times. Dress code applies to ALL school activities during the school day. No form of clothing or accessory that creates distractions, is "suggestive" in nature, or is considered hazardous to student safety or health will be permitted. The following are not allowed:1. Visible undergarments;2. Displays of inappropriate language or graphics on clothing, accessories, or body, (i.e., using profanity or displaying violence or weapons, alcohol, drugs or tobacco, gang and/or sex symbols);3. Any clothing that contains offensive or obscene symbols, signs, slogans or words degrading any gender, cultural, religious, or ethnic values.


It is important that all children feel safe at school. It is a policy of DoDEA that discipline be maintained consistently and appropriately. We encourage students to grow in self-control, develop a sense of regard for themselves and their fellow students, and have pride in their school community. Students have the responsibility for conducting themselves in a manner that does not violate the rights of other people. Students are expected to display appropriate behavior at all times while at school.

Additional information about student rights and responsibilities in DoDEA can be found on the DoDEA homepage.

School Schedule

LHS uses a block period rotation on a daily basis. Morning and afternoon blocks are linked together on blue days. On red days,seminar is fixed to the block after lunch while the three other blocks rotate. On Wednesdays, teachers and staff participate in collaboration time and students have an early release at 1400 hours.

table for normal schedule day
Period 1: 
Period 2:
Period 3:
Period 4:



Bullying is a pattern of aggressive, intentional or deliberately hostile behavior that occurs repeatedly and over time. Bullying behaviors normally fall into three categories, physical, emotional, and verbal. Actions may include but are not limited to: intimidation, assault;extortion;oral or written threats;teasing;putdowns;name-calling;threatening looks;gestures, or actions;rumors;false accusations;hazing, social isolation, and cyber-bullying.

Complaint/Investigative Procedure


Students should see an administrator to file a complaint if they believe they have been the victim of bullying behavior. School administrators are responsible for investigating each complaint, determining if the complaint is legitimate in accordance with the above definition, and taking appropriate corrective action.


Reports of bullying are taken seriously and shall be dealt with quickly and effectively. If a student is found guilty of bullying behavior the consequences shall depend on both the results of the investigation and the severity of the incident. Consequences may include but are not limited to mediation, a parent conference, counseling, detention, suspension, expulsion, or referral to local law enforcement agency.

The entire school handbook can be read by clicking on the link to the right.


School Handbook

Office of DoDEA Policy

The Policy Team of OPLP administers and operates the DoDEA Issuance Program, the Issuance Focal Point Working Group, and facilitates DoD-level issuance coordination for DoDEA.

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