Department of Defense Education Activity

Facilities Division

The Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) Facilities Division hires the best and the brightest self-starters whose talents are realized in 12 countries and the Americas. DoDEA Headquarters is located in Alexandria, VA., only minutes away from our nation's capital. Our team is proud to serve our servicemen and servicewomen world-wide, and provides a safe, secure, and well-managed environment that contributes to student achievement and excellence.

Globally DoDEA Facilities Division maintains 600 buildings, totaling approximately 19.6M gross square feet. In addition to the operations, maintenance and repair of existing facilities, the Facilities Division is responsible for the planning, design, and construction-management of all renovations as well as all new facilities being built.

Our Facilities Division is comprised of four Regional Offices that support our districts and schools. The locations of these offices are:

  • DoDEA Headquarters: Alexandria, VA
  • DoDEA-Europe: Sembach, Germany
  • DoDEA-Pacific: Okinawa, Japan
  • DoDEA-Americas: Peachtree City, Georgia

Our team...

  1. Writes policy, facility guidance and procedures, as well as providing HQ directed resourcing
  2. Provides technical reviews, serves as a technical representative and subject matter expert (SME) for facilities related DoDEA contracts, projects and studies
  3. Conducts Strategic Planning and provides Engineering and Architectural support and services
  4. Provides consultation services, in support of new educational initiatives, to better serve  our customers
  5. Administers the facility condition assessment program and provides HQ directed resourcing based on the portfolio’s analytics.
  6. Powered by BUILDER; BUILDER software empowers our team to maximize our resourcing which results in less monetary waste!
  7. Reviews, validates and approves sustainment, restoration and modernization projects submitted by our Regional Offices located in Sembach (Europe Region), Okinawa (Pacific Region) and Peachtree City (Americas Region).
  8. Merging ecology, natural resources and technology to world-class learning environments; our DoDEA Military Construction (MILCON) team oversees and manages new construction projects that produce learning environments that students can thrive-in
  9. Stays abreast of emerging technologies to accommodate new equipment supportive of mission requirements and cultivates innovative ways to improve business processes, i.e., the introduction and application of building information modeling (BIM) to Education Facility Specifications
  10. Evaluates programs and projects to ensure compliance with DoD policy and government regulations
  11. Captures financial real property information and maintains an audit-ready stance while providing governmental transparency
  12. Performs data analysis and trend forecasting to aid DoDEA in its strategic planning and reporting requirements
  13. Acts as facilities Subject Matter Expert (SME) for other DoDEA departmental policy initiatives
  14. Responds to Office of The Secretary of Defense (OSD) and Congressional inquiries
  15. Formulates Budget Submissions (OSD submittals) pertaining to O&M and MILCON project planning, design, construction, and maintenance
  16. Represents DoDEA and its stake-holders in meetings with contractors and governmental agencies as well as strategic involvement with external Working Groups
  17. Provides facility condition assessment ratings to the Military Services and OSD
  18. Represents DoDEA on DoD Installations and Environment (I&E) and Military Community and Family Policy (MC&FP) working groups
  19. Oversees the Asbestos Management Program
  20. Travels to project sites and Regional Offices to review program administration, verify compliance, and to discuss management initiatives
  21. Are members of various Department of Defense (DOD) committees relating to facilities inventory, maintenance, and construction
  22. Help-Us-To-Help-You: Our Team is always seeking input and suggestions to improve our school facilities. If you have any concerns or recommendations regarding DoDEA facilities please send comments using the Contact Button at the top of the page.