SHAPE Elementary/Middle School

SHAPE Elementary Middle School

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sHAPE Elementary Middle School

The Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) is the headquarters of NATO's Allied Command Operations located near Mons, Belgium. In 2009, the design team completed a master plan for the 21.5 acre SHAPE International School campus, which called for replacing all existing campus buildings with new, state-of-the-art facilities, including a new U.S. Elementary, Middle, and High School, and four new educational facilities for other NATO member nations.

The new Elementary School, Middle School and two-story U.S. High School contain a mix of general purpose and specialty classrooms, including art, music, computer and science labs, a culinary arts room, and an information center. This unique international learning environment is made up of students from nearly 20 allied countries and in the design and master plan every effort was made to incorporate the spirit of the school's commitment to fostering a Global Community.


'Building Program'
'Exterior Facade and Play Space SHAPE EMS'
'Bus Entrance Canopy and Outdoor Play Spaces'

The Shape Elementary Middle School provides plentiful outdoor activity spaces for gathering, play, teaching, learning and relaxing. The exterior façade of the school has lots of glazing with functional sunshades and grand entryways with bright colors and large curtain wall windows.

The rhythm of the school’s design provides a beautiful backdrop to the brightly colored and highly interactive outdoor activity spaces.

'Exterior Play Nooks'
'Outdoor Play Space'
'Outdoor Gathering Stair'
'School Entrance'
'Art Learning Studio / Classroom'

The entrance of the school has bold shapes and colors to stimulate students’ creative minds and active bodies. Views to the exterior to provide an interplay between activities happening inside the school and outside of the school.

The interior of the school is flexible and adaptable and laced with technology, providing teachers the ability organize in various sized groupings. All spaces are bathed in natural light and provide generous views to the outdoor activity spaces.

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