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Office of DoDEA Policy

Who we are:

Welcome to the DoDEA issuance webpage. The Policy Team of OPLP administers and operates the DoDEA Issuance Program, the Issuance Focal Point Working Group, and facilitates DoD-level issuance coordination for DoDEA.

DoDEA Policies by Office

Current Announcements

IFP Working Group Meeting

The next IFP Working Group Meeting to determine the next Director's Top 10/25 list is on 5 June from 1200-1500 in the Director's Conference Room (04F14).

Change 1 to DoDEA Regulation 1307.01 - DoDEA Sure Start Program

Change 1 to this issuance was published on May 2, 2018 and posted to the DoDEA Policy webpage.  The changes are in red strikethrough and are effective immediately.

Most Recent Issuances
DoDEA AI 1325.01 - DoD Impact Aid Program for Local Educational Agencies
This issuance establishes policy, assigns responsibilities and provides procedures for DoDEA to administer the DoD impact aid program to local educational agencies.
DTM 18-LOG-001 - RSA Changes in Property Accountability Roles and Responsibilities
This DTM updates property accountability roles and responsibilities as a result of the restructuring for student achievement initiative.
DoDEA AI 1375.01 - Home School Students
This issuance establishes policy, eligibility requirements and procedures to administer the DoDEA home school students program.
DoDEA AI 3021.01 - DoDEA Notification System Program
This issuance establishes responsibilities and procedures for implementing the DoDEA notification system program.
DoDEA AI 5210.03, Volume 1 - DoDEA Personnel Security and Suitability Program
This issuance establishes policy, assigns responsibilities, and proscribes procedures for implementing the DoEA personnel security and suitability program.
DoDEA AI 3001.01 - Personal Accountability in Conjunction with Emergency Events
This issuance establishes policy, assigns responsibilities, and provides direction to account for DoDEA personnel in emergency events.
DoDEA AI 5205.02, Volume 4 - DoDEA Force Protection Program: Foreign Travel
This issuance establishes policy, assigns responsibilities, and prescribes procedures for managing and executing the DoDEA force protection program.

Policy POCs

For DoDEA forms questions, contact Executive Services.

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