Department of Defense Education Activity

DoDEA Policy Branch

The Policy and Compliance Branch, located at Headquarters, supports procurement personnel and DoDEA customers on the interpretation and application of procurement-related laws, regulations, policies, and procedures.  The Policy and Compliance Branch is responsible for:

  • Interpreting and disseminating Government- and DoD-wide procurement policies and procedures
  • Developing and deploying internal procurement policies and procedures
  • Preparing and submitting reports in accordance with statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Responding to Congressional inquiries on procurement-related matters
  • Monitoring contract compliance with procurement laws, regulations, policies and procedures
  • Training procurement personnel and DoDEA customers on procurement-related topics
  • Conducting strategic market research and advising on acquisition strategy decisions
  • Responding to procurement policy inquiries
  • Responding to official FOIA requests submitted in accordance with agency procedures

For a better understanding of Federal and DoD procurement initiatives, policies, and procedures, please visit the following web-sites:

To contact the Policy and Compliance Branch, please call (571) 372-5828 or send an e-mail to .