Procurement Operations

Procurement Operations provides contracting support to DoDEA customers on both local and DoDEA-wide acquisitions. Procurement Operations consists of six branches to enable our education mission.

Procurement Branches

  • Field Support
  • Facilities/Grounds
  • Education and Grants Administration
  • Transportation
  • Information Technology

The Procurement Branches are responsible for the following:

  • Provide business advice/recommendations relative to procurement laws, regulations, directives, policies, and procedures
  • Collaborate with and guide customers through the acquisition process and help them define and develop: IGCEs, requirement documents, source selection plans and evaluation factors, ¬†and conduct technical evaluations
  • Perform pre-award functions: acquisition planning, ¬†market research, industry days, requests for information, socio economic program analyses, milestones, solicitation development, proposal evaluation, negotiation, source selection, award documentation, and contract preparation
  • Perform post-award functions: post-award conferences with successful vendors, debriefings, resolution of delivery/discrepancy/invoice problems, modifications, delivery orders, and data reporting
  • Collaborate with all DoDEA stakeholders


Eddie Tavares
Chief of Procurement Operations
Procurement Operations
(571) 372-1343

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