To ensure DoDEA reaches its vision of “Excellence in Education for Every Student, Every Day, Everywhere”, the National Defense Authorization Act (Section 574 (b) of P.L. 109-364) authorized the Secretary of Defense to utilize designated funds to provide resources to public school districts who educate students from military families.  This authority allows DoDEA to execute and administer its grant program.  Through the grant program, the Department has a direct impact on educational outcomes of military connected students enrolled in public schools through an existing, sustainable, congressionally supported program with proven results.

The Procurement Division works across all program areas, including collaboration with the Grant Administration Office to award and manage grants throughout their lifecycle. DoDEA Grant Officers sit in the Procurement Division and work with Procurement Specialists to build partnerships that help military-connected students attain their college and career aspirations. By sharing resources, DoDEA empowers students to work towards clear, consistent and high-reaching goals exceeding learning expectations to achieve a rich, rigorous and well-rounded education. To find out more about the military-connected school districts who have been awarded DoDEA grants and grant tools and resources for DoDEA grant seekers, visit the Evaluation and Technical Assistance Center.



Thatsanee Schwarzmann
HQC and Grants

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