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SHAPE ES: Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures


Arrival/ Dismissal Procedures:

Students may arrive on campus starting at 8:30 am. All students line up in front of the cafeteria by class and are escorted to their classrooms at 8:45 am.

Students are released from their classes at 3:30 pm. First Grade has parent pick-up at the morning line-up area. Grades 1-5 will be released and must proceed to the bus, SAS pick up point (outside of Front Office), meet parents or walk home.

Attendance Policy:

At SHAPE Elementary, our vision is to “Educate, inspire, every day, in every way!” The DoDEA Slogan “Be Here!” emphasizes the conviction that consistent attendance is the first approach to successful educational experiences. We encourage parents to schedule outside appointments whenever possible after school hours or on days when school is not in session. It is your responsibility as a parent to ensure that your child arrives on time and is in school daily.

You can access more information regarding this new attendance policy on the DoDEA website; click on Search DoDDS-E, type in Attendance Policy.

Please contact the school before 10:00 a.m. if your child will be absent unexpectedly due to illness.

Email notifications, or signed and dated notes from parents, are required when a child is to be excused from school during the day or a student's absence is anticipated.


All students in grades 3-6 are given a planner to provide an opportunity for daily communication between parents and the school. We encourage all parents to consistently utilize the Journal / Agenda planner to maintain open home - school communications.

Dress Code:

General guidelines for school dress are as follows:

Shoes must be worn at all times. Enclosed footwear is highly encouraged. Strapless sandals (flip-flops) are not acceptable. Examples of inappropriate dress include: tight garments, halter tops, bare midriffs, tube tops, net tops, bicycle shorts, spaghetti straps, plunging necklines, open back shirts or baggy or sagging pants. Hair nets, bandanas, hair rollers are not permitted. Garments with suggestive, obscene, or gang, alcohol or drug related language or designs are not permitted. Earrings or other jewelry that may present a safety hazard are not suitable for school wear.

Electronic Devices:

Students are not allowed to use mp3 players, iPads, cell phones or any other electronic devices during the school day. Such items will be confiscated and will be returned only to the parent/sponsor.

Student Conduct/ Discipline:

All students are entitled to an educational environment that is safe and threat free. Each student's behavior is expected to be socially acceptable and to pose no threat to the safety or security of others. Teachers are responsible for providing an effective classroom behavior management plan and effectively communicate this plan to students and parents. Students will actively engage in learning school rules and behavioral expectations at the beginning of each school year and be expected to demonstrate appropriate behavior throughout the school year.

Parents will ensure that their children review and follow school rules. Parents are also responsible for maintaining communication with teachers. Parents are to ensure that children leave home prepared with adequate school supplies.

SHAPE KNIGHTS' Code of Conduct:

  1. Be kind and show respect to others through words and gestures.
  2. Listen to and follow directions of the adult in charge.
  3. Be responsible for school materials and supplies.


Students are expected to conduct themselves properly while at school. In the event a student misbehaves, the following procedures are generally followed:

  1. The teacher will work together with the student to resolve the student's inappropriate behavior.
  2. The teacher will work with the parents and the student to solve inappropriate student behavior.
  3. The counselor will work with the teacher/student and/or the parents to resolve inappropriate student behavior.
  4. The administrator will work with the teacher/student and/or the parents to resolve
  5. The sponsor's chain of command will be used if the student's behavior problem cannot be resolved through parent-school cooperation.

Homework Policy:

The DoDEA policy states that homework will be an extension of each student's class work. Homework will be collected, discussed, and promptly returned to the students so that it serves both the teacher and the student as a learning tool.

Homework and any after-class assignment serves the following purposes:

  1. A diagnostic tool to determine areas of weakness
  2. A reinforcing tool to give students practice on skills and abilities
  3. A discovery tool to cause the student to seek knowledge beyond the bounds of the textbook or the classroom
  4. A communication tool to tell parents how their children are doing
  5. A developmental tool to help students acquire habits of neatness, promptness, and responsibility
  6. A tool to develop original and independent thought

The general rule of thumb is to expect that a child will work for ten minutes for each year spent in grades 1-6, e.g., ten minutes of homework for first grade, etc. Each teacher will explain homework practices and expectations during the orientation evening at the beginning of the school year.

Visitor Procedures:

We welcome all volunteers and visitors to SHAPE Elementary School. All volunteers and visitors are subject to the Principal's approval. All visitors must register in the front office to log their hours and receive a badge. This process ensures security at school. Volunteers must see the school secretary to request the paperwork for completing a background check prior to working with students in the school.

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