DoDEA Graduation Requirements

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The 4-6 Year Academic/Postsecondary Plan allows students and families to plan and track their trajectory towards high school graduation. Completed by a DoDEA school counselor with the student, this tool is key in keeping students focused on meeting the DoDEA graduation requirements, intervening early on possible barriers, and working towards their postsecondary goals. Parents and sponsors should review this document often and foster discussions about with their student's about graduation and beyond.

Dual Enrollment Procedural Guide

This web page identifies DoDEA's high school graduation requirements. Students who plan to pursue college athletics should also visit the NCAA Eligibility site to ensure their course taking aligns with NCAA eligibility requirements. The Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children is now formally recognized as part of DoDEA's secondary education policy. Please consult with the school counselor for further guidance or questions regarding graduation requirements.


DoDEA graduation requirements differ depending on the year a student enters 9th grade. The requirements are identified below on three separate color-coded documents dated to correspond to the year of initial entry into 9th grade. These documents are intended to help students and parents to determine the number of credits and the distribution of credits by subject area required to receive a DoDEA standard diploma or an honors diploma. Please consult with your school counselor for further guidance or questions.

In which year did your student enter the 9th grade for the first time?

School Year 2011-12, or prior
Entering 9th grade in school years 2010-11 (Class of 2014) and 2011-12 (Class of 2015)
These requirements are also applicable to students who attended DoDEA schools beginning in school year 2004-2005.
School Year 2015-16 and beyond (effective school year 2015-16)
Entering 9th grade in school year 2015-16 (Class of 2019) and subsequent years.