Advancement Via Individual Determination

If we expose students to academic rigor and introduce them to all the choices in the world, but they do not know how to use them then they are just heavier loads in their backpacks.

Michelle Mullens

AVID Schoolwide Approach

Advancement Via Individual DeterminationĀ is a college and career readiness system that champions leaders to create an instructional culture that is rooted in equity, educator agency, and inquiry-based, student-centric instruction by focusing on what students needĀ and what educators must do. With AVID, schools gain a toolkit of transferable and research-based, instructional best practices that can be added to any curriculum or resource that supports the academic, social, and emotional development of all students across all grades.

To learn more about the AVID College and Career Readiness Framework, please access the AVID College and Career Readiness Framework video on the AVID Center Youtube page.

AVID Framework Overview

No matter what postsecondary path high school graduates choose, students must develop certain essential skills to design their own futures: critical thinking, collaboration, reading, writing, and relationship building. The development of these skills is rooted in belief in self. If students believe they are capable, there is a foundational confidence to learn and a resiliency to overcome setbacks.

The AVID Elective Student

Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) is a schoolwide approach that equips students, regardless of their postsecondary path, with the tools to design their own futures. By providing students with a toolkit of transferable, instructional best strategies, ranging from academic skillsets to leadership development, students deepen their critical thinking and analytical skills, explore their interests and postsecondary options, thrive in rigorous courses (e.g. Pre-AP/Advancement Placement or CTE courses) at a much higher rate than their peers, and learn how to better advocate for themselves as lead learners. Although AVID is a schoolwide approach that can be embedded within any content area, students in the AVID Elective Course are provided targeted support and explore college and career readiness opportunities that are more closely aligned to their individual interests.

The AVID Program teaches students how to study, read, write, and think like content experts, take focused notes, and manage their time effectively. Students in the AVID Elective participate in Socratic style tutorial sessions, facilitated by trained tutors, who help students define their point of confusion, unpack their thinking, and arrive at a solution via a questions-based approach that guide students to a higher level of understanding.

The AVID Effect

The AVID College and Career Readiness System impacts more than 2 million students annually and is implemented in 7,500+ K - 12 schools in 47 states across the United States plus schools in Canada and Australia. In DoDEA, AVID is implemented in all of our secondary schools, specifically in Grades 7 - 12. Research shows that 84% of AVID Elective Seniors reported taking at least one rigorous course; according to Clearinghouse Data, in comparison to their national peers, first-generation AVID Elective Students are four times more likely to graduate.

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