The AVID Elective Class is a highly engaging, family-like student community that offers students an array of academic, social, and emotional benefits that ultimately supports the advancement of each student. Students in the AVID Elective are expected to serve as leaders in their schools and community, be in good academic standing, and take rigorous courses (e.g. Pre-AP, Advancement Placement/IB/AICE/Cambridge courses). AVID Elective students are also required to utilize and maintain the AVID Binder/E-Binders, take focused notes in every class, and be prepared to participate in tutorial sessions which usually occur on Tuesday and Thursday of each week.

    The AVID Elective targets students in the academic middle, who have the desire to go to college or enroll in a career pathway. AVID Elective students are willing to work hard and are capable of completing rigorous curriculum but often fall short of exerting their full potential. AVID pulls these students out of their unchallenging courses and puts them on the college and career track: acceleration instead of remediation.

    Through the AVID Elective, students develop the confidence, instructional strategies, and leadership skills needed to design their own future.

    Student eligibility for the AVID Elective Class is noted as such: a 2.0 - 3.5 Grade Point Average (GPA) and mid to high test scores on standardized tests such as the PSAT or SAT coupled with an expressed commitment to their own academic achievement. To be considered or eligible for the AVID Elective Class, students must apply by submitting a student-based application that includes a teacher and/or administrator recommendation and an interview prior to being selected and enrolled in the AVID Elective Class.

    Additional school-based requirements may be applicable as determined by school-level leadership.

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