Teachers must be nominated in writing by a peer, administrator, parent, or student. Nominations are submitted through the TOY website from January 8 through February 9, 2024.  A DoDEA Teacher of the Year must:

  • Be a full-time, U.S. certified teacher in the DoDEA School.
  • NOT have been selected as a District Teacher of the Year during the previous 3 years.
  • Have completed three years of successful teaching in DoDEA.


  • Recognition boosts morale among teachers and supports the encouragement of teachers to further promote student academic achievement.
  • Students feel pride and joy when a teacher they know and respect is publicly recognized.
  • Colleagues nominated for Teacher of the Year increase respect for a school and its staff.
  • Enhanced community prestige and community pride directly contribute to improved expectations, support for schools, and student learning.
  • The Teacher of the Year nominees are among the best spokespersons the profession can put forth. Their expertise provides evidence of success in education. Each nominee represents hundreds of educators in sending the message about the work and dedication of America's teachers.
  • The Teacher of the Year provides society the opportunity to recognize the importance of formal learning and to reconfirm its respect and debt to teachers of the past, present, and future. Recognition of our outstanding educators promotes talent, excellence, and showcases the exemplary efforts of our teachers


  • Nominations will be accepted from January 8 through February 9, 2024.
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