Nomination Process: School Level

School TOY Selection Process

  • The School Level is the first and most important level of the DoDEA Selection Process.
  • The Principal/designee informs all school staff members, parents, organizations, community leaders, students, and the School Liaison about the TOY Program.
  • The information should include purpose, duties, and eligibility.
  • Information about the TOY Program may be disseminated through school newsletters, school marquees, the community newspaper, Chapel Bulletins, flyers, posters, DoDEA videos, and through all education level websites.

Nomination Process

  • Stakeholders (administrators, teachers, support staff, parents, students, community leaders and members, and the School Liaison) are invited to nominate a teacher by writing a letter to the principal explaining why the teacher should be TOY.
  • Self-nomination is not an option.
  • The principal notifies each nominee by email. Each nominee receives their letter/s of nomination from the principal. These letters will be needed to complete the final National application packet.
  • Eligible nominees reply with either an acceptance or decline statement to the principal.
  • The principal gives accepting nominees the DoDEA Application for District TOY.
  • The principal/designee convenes a review panel of stakeholders including an administrator, educator/District TOY, union representative, parent, community member, and student, where appropriate and feasible, to evaluate the applications. The review panel rank orders all applications and compiles a list to be forwarded to the district superintendent.
  • The principal sends all accepting nominees' completed information to the district superintendent.
  • The district superintendent/designee acknowledges by email the receipt of each application with the principal's endorsement and nomination letter(s).


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