Jizela Dutka-Chirichetti teaches Japanese Language and Culture at Guam High School, Guam. She received her B.A. from the University of Guam and her Masters of Human Relations from the University of Oklahoma. Jizela states, "I believe that everyone must be educated in the knowledge of sciences, humanities, and languages, but everyone also needs to receive an education that will teach altruism and guide each person to become a compassionate, caring, ethical citizen of the world. Teaching is a way of life that connects two important activities: learning and sharing." The Chief of Education from her district states, "Jizela is a highly motivated and enthusiastic teacher with a visionary spirit that views Foreign Language as a global opportunity for students which goes beyond the classroom setting."

2006 winner, Jizela Dutka-Chirichetti
Jizela Dutka-Chirichetti Japanese Language and Culture Teacher
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