Sherri McKendree teaches physical education at Loyd Elementary School, Fort Benning, Georgia. She received her B.S. from Jacksonville State University, her Masters from the University of Alabama, and her Educational Specialist degree from Jacksonville State University. It is Sherri's belief "that learning does not happen in a vacuum, but extends beyond the classroom walls and the scheduled period throughout a lifetime. Outstanding teachers find every opportunity to integrate what they teach into other subject areas and into the real world so knowledge will be meaningful and permanent, not simply isolated and temporary." A fellow educator states, "Sherri's yearly program is a model for all physical education programs because it includes a plethora of activities which are designed to grab students' interests, motivate them to excel physically, and develop a desire for life-long physical fitness."

2006 winner, Sherri O. McKendree
Sherri O. McKendree
PE Teacher
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