Steven LaSalle teaches seventh and eighth grade Mathematics/Algebra at Antilles Middle School, Ft. Buchanan, Puerto Rico. He received his B.B.A. in Finance from Baruch College, Master of Science in Mathematics Education from Brooklyn College and certification in Integrating Technology and Education in the Classroom (ITEC) from the University of San Diego. In his application Steven writes, "My teaching philosophy is based on three things: showing how mathematics is used in the real world, providing a safe learning environment for all, and teaching students to be problem solvers. My teaching philosophy is designed to share my love of knowledge with students in a non-threatening environment." A fellow teacher writes, "Although he expects students to give their best, he has this unique ability to accommodate the needs of mixed-ability groups. He constantly assesses and uses a variety of strategies to meet the individual needs of his students. Mr. LaSalle promotes student inquiries and facilitates self-discovery."

2006 winner, Steven LaSalle
Steven LaSalle Math/Algebra Teacher
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