Bill Wilder teaches Chemistry and Physics at Pusan American School, Pusan, Korea. He earned his B.S. in Biology/Chemistry at Villanova University and Masters in Systems Management from the University of Southern California. He believes that, "All students want to be successful as learners. The teacher is the facilitator who uses his or her skill as an artist of learning to make it possible for the students' wishes to come true." A former student with prior science anxieties writes of her teacher, "Mr. Wilder's classes are among the most well-taught classes I've had the privilege to experience. He can create a comfortable learning environment, fill it with confident students, and teach any material down to the marrow without it ever becoming tiring. Because of Mr. Wilder I am looking into serving my country in the Navy as a nuclear reactor operator. I never would have even considered science in my future if not for him."

2006 winner, William F. Wilder
William F. Wilder
Chemistry and Physics Teacher
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