Bonnie Seeley teaches Social Studies at Yokota High School in Yokota, Japan. Bonnie received her B.S. in Social Studies at Florida State University and Masters of Educational Psychology from the University of Oklahoma.

Bonnie believes her greatest contribution in education is her ability to relate to her students and to get them engaged in the curriculum. She loves her job; she loves the excitement of starting all over every year. She loves the challenges of the job, most specifically of how to reach the students and get them excited about learning. As a teacher, she is educated, entertained, challenged, and validated on a daily basis.

Her superintendent states, "Bonnie is an extremely well organized, dependable and versatile teacher. Throughout each school year, Bonnie motivates the students in her classes and extra-curricular activities to do the very best job that they are capable of doing". Her principal writes, "In the seven years that I have known Ms. Seeley, I have found her to be an educator extraordinaire." He also cited her work as a thespian, coach, and volunteer for Habitats for Humanity. A student who nominated her said, "Mrs. Seeley is more than a teacher. She is a mentor, motivator, advisor, tutor, coach, and cheerleader."

2007 winner, Bonnie Seeley
Bonnie Seeley
Social Studies Teacher
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