Dorothy provides instructional support for first and second grades in Reading and Math and ESL for Kindergarten through third grade at Galer Elementary School in Beaufort, South Carolina. She received her B.S. in Elementary Education from Trenton State College, a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education and an Educational Specialist degree from the University of South Carolina.

Dori believes that education is about giving people choices in life. She is a nurturer who teaches collaboration, literacy, and how to apply knowledge. This enables her students to achieve success in a global community of which they are a part.

A former colleague writes, "Dori embodies every quality that a great teacher possesses. She understands young children and is committed to their learning. She possesses specialized knowledge of the reading process. She assesses students' progress and performance. She integrates reading and writing instruction. She critically and regularly analyzes her practice. I am honored and proud to call Dori my colleague and friend." Her principal states, "Whether you are a principal, a teacher, a student, or a parent, Mrs. Lassey is a person who will help you grow."

2007 winner, Dorothy C. Lassey
Dorothy C. Lassey
1st and 2nd Grade Teacher
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