Eric Eisaman teaches Physics, Geometry, and Algebra at Guam High School. He earned his B.S. in Secondary Education Physics at Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania.

A second generation teacher of Math, Eric grew up around his father's students and colleagues. While preparing for a career in science or engineering, it was his disenchantment with the ethics of society at large that drove him to become a teacher. He states, "I can better affect the ethical base from which future leaders act." He believes that every student has a gift, every student is worthwhile, and every student is worth his time.

A colleague states, "He always works with the best interest of his students in mind." Another says, "He is able to convey the concepts being taught in such a manner that some of our more challenging students are interested and interactive in his class. The students come away with an appreciation for the subject as well as a desire to learn more." His principal, Dr. Rita Williams, cites, "He actively engages his students by using teaching strategies that include cooperative learning, teacher-made/student-made projects, critical thinking activities, and hands-on learning."

2007 winner, Eric Eisaman
Eric Eisaman Physics and Math Teacher
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