Jacqueline Gustaferro is a Language Arts Reading Specialist and Literacy Coach at Wetzel Elementary School in Baumholder, Germany. She earned her B.S. in Education from Northeastern University in Boston, and both a Masters of Education in Curriculum Development Leadership and an Educational Specialist degree in Curriculum Development from National-Louis University in Evanston, IL.

Jacqui believes that she is successful when she's not needed and children have come to see that they can control their own learning. They can stretch themselves beyond the limits of the basic cognitive activities. When children feel safe enough to know that they are all working together as a community of learners, to make the most of individual learning styles and abilities within an atmosphere of acceptance, encouragement and respect for uniqueness - then Jacqui knows she has succeeded as an educator.

Her principal says, "Through her proactive leadership, the excitement of learning has spread beyond the walls of the parent center (she created within the school), and into the entire Wetzel community. Much as she did in her classroom, she has helped create a school environment that encourages everyone to take risks and excel." A colleague states, "Stepping into Mrs. Gustaferro's classroom is an experience that one doesn't forget. Mrs. Gustaferro incorporates relevance into her classroom by bringing the outside world in through research, investigation, peer-group management, and an atmosphere where children develop an understanding of all members of the class."

2007 winner, Jacqueline M. Gustaferro
Jacqueline M. Gustaferro
Language Arts Reading Specialist and Literacy Coach Teacher
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