Jennifer Smith is currently detailed as an Instructional Support Specialist to the DoDDS Pacific Area Office. She was nominated for District Teacher of the Year while teaching Social Studies and English Language Arts at Taegu American School in Taegu, Korea. She earned her B.S. in Secondary Education from Black Hills State University and her M.A. in Educational Psychology from the University of South Dakota.

Jennifer Smith became a teacher to help those young people who need a nudge or a good shove over the line into success. She became a teacher to help "straighten the margins". She believes that differentiated instruction nurtures learner ownership, intrinsic motivation, genuine assessment, and ultimately, student success.

A student writes, "Ms. Smith brings a certain element to Taegu American School that no other teacher has. She is able to create a learning environment that is both strict yet enjoyable. She truly cares for her students and wishes for their success." A colleague says, "Jennifer's kindness for others and focus on what is best for students is infectious." Another student writes, "Inside the classroom, Ms. Smith gives us the freedom to articulate our views and hold insightful conversations on a wide scope of topics. Considering both World and US History, we are continually challenged to learn not only from significant events in the past, but also to reflect upon and apply these lessons to both contemporary issues and our own lives."

2007 winner, Jennifer M. Smith
Jennifer M. Smith Instructional Support Specialist Teacher
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