Linda Anders teaches second grade at Russell Elementary School in Quantico, Virginia. She earned her B.A. at the State University College at Oneonta, NY.

Linda's teaching focuses on caring. She is a concerned, compassionate advocate and role model for each of the young, innocent children who cross the threshold into her classroom. She believes teaching involves not only what page they are reading but how each child feels as he enters the room in the morning. She "teaches from the heart".

A parent writes, "Because Mrs. Anders maintains a strong presence of reliability and security, our military children not only feel the comfort she radiates, but feel safe to not just endure, but to achieve and accomplish the academic goals set forth." Her superintendent states, "Seeing her classroom transformed into an undersea world as well as a rainforest are only two examples of her attention to visual stimulation." A former principal says, "Immediately upon entering her second grade classroom, one can sense the warm feeling and know that your child is in someone's hands that cares deeply and who will provide an environment which will allow success for all".

2007 winner, Linda W. Anders
Linda W. Anders
2nd Grade Teacher
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