Mary Katherine (Katie) O'Connor teaches second grade at Maxwell AFB in Montgomery, Alabama. Katie earned both her B.S. in Elementary Education and her B.S. in Early Childhood Education from Auburn University at Montgomery.

Katie feels that her greatest contribution to education is sharing the electricity of learning which was ignited in her at a young age as she seeks out new sources of energy to meet the needs of each individual within her classroom's four walls. She believes true learning occurs when students demonstrate the ability to share what they learned in a meaningful way.

Katie's superintendent writes, "Katie truly understands how children learn. She had her second graders involved in leading their learning before most of us knew that's how they learn best!" Her principal writes, "Katie has a way of making children feel valued, loved, and excited about embarking on an incredible journey of learning." Parents write, "There isn't another teacher I would have wanted for my son." And, "Mrs. O'Connor is a testament to the teaching profession."

2007 winner, Mary Katherine (Katie) OConnor"
Mary Katherine O'Connor 2nd Grade Teacher
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