Vicki O'Brien obtained her BS in Education from Indiana University and her MA in Educational Psychology from the University of Oklahoma. She currently teaches PE, Health, and ESL at the Livorno Unit School in Italy.

Vicki believes you must teach the whole child; emotionally, physically, socially, academically, and morally, in order to build confidence and prepare students for the workplace and contributing citizenship. She makes every effort to motivate her students to want to stay physically active and make healthy lifestyle choices by participating in school-wide events that they help coordinate and plan. She integrates technology by using heart rate monitors, fitness software programs, and pedometers.

A parent writes, "Ms. O'Brien has a talent for infusing the academic requirements of her classes with the practical benefits of the information she imparts. The attribute that makes her truly special as a teacher, though, is the fact that she does it all with compassion and understanding." Her principal states, "She is a professional and dedicated educator that takes teaching and involvement with her school and her students to new heights." The school nurse says, "I had worked with many other physical education teachers, and had taught health in both elementary and high school settings, but I had never seen anyone as prepared, knowledgeable or as inspirational."

2007 winner, Vicki L. OBrien"
Vicki L. O'Brien PE and Health Teacher
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