Mrs. Finney has 12 years teaching experience and has taught in DoDEA schools for 6 years, as a third second and fourth grade teacher at Bechtel Elementary School in Okinawa. She has also taught intermediate Kindergarten and first grade at Okinawa Christian School International. She has attended professional development graduate courses at Harvard University's Graduate School of Education and taken graduate courses in reading comprehension at Ottawa University, in science at the University of San Diego, and in technology at San Diego State University.

Mrs. Finney believes that the strongest link in the teaching profession is the link between the parent and the teacher. The tie that binds the teacher and the parent is the student. A former student shares, "She understood that everyone learns differently and would take the time to teach a subject many different ways so everyone could learn. The best part about Ms. Finney to me, was that she kept paying attention to us. She learned our personalities and what was the best way to talk to us. She treated us like people not children. She respected us and expected us to respect each other and her."

Ms. Veronica Finney, DoDEA employees official photo.
Veronica Finney 4th Grade Teacher
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