Ms. McAlpin has six years of teaching experience. She has been teaching math, science, social studies, and health to 4th and 5th Grade students at the Sullivans School in Yokosuka, Japan for all of those six years. Ms. McAlpin earned her Bachelor of Business Administration in Operations Management from the University of Houston. She received her Master of Education in Instructional Leadership and Curriculum from the University of Oklahoma.

Ms. McAlpin sees education as understanding and believes through collaboration among educators, parents, students, and community members our youth will be better prepared for their futures. She likes to keep in mind the quote, "Education: the part that lasts after you've forgotten what you learn." A colleague remembers their first meeting, "Little did I know it then, but I would come to see Deirdre everywhere. I have witnessed time and again the tireless energy and commitment to the children of this community. It is what truly sets her apart and far above the rest of us (teachers) who care and work hard."

2009 winner, DeirdreMcalpin
Deirdre A. McAlpin 4th and 5th Grade Teacher
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